Lepidoptera Outer Hebrides

Family: Tineidae   Checklist Number: 0.000

Nemapogon asyntacta  Meyrick, 1917

In early April I noticed larvae and a moth inside a container of dried mushrooms labelled "Dried Mixed Forest Mushrooms (Slippery Jack, Oyster Mushrooms, Jelly Ear, Porcini). Source: packed in France but grown in Far East Asia." Identification by Reinhard Gaedike (via Martin Honey), who states "... the images of the Nemapogon species, which you sent me, is really a surprise! The shape fully agrees with the fig. 1 in Robinson (1980) (Entomologist's Gazette 31: 129-142): Nemapogon asyntacta (Meyrick, 1917), hitherto known from India (locus typicus) and from Tibet!" Possibly a first record for Europe; awaiting clarification.